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Independence March. Because Poland - these are people! // Marsz Niepodległości SPOT [ENG/PL]

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The 11th #IndependenceMarch will take place in #Poland for the 11th time already in November 2020. It is impossible to create a future without remembering the past. Many opinions have already been formed about the celebration of 11 November. We always want to commemorate what four generations fought for in our country. On this day we unite in the name of Polishness and independence because Poland is always at heart. The celebration of Independence Day itself returned in 1989. It is also a symbolic date for Free Poland, thus not only the regaining of freedom but also the possibility to celebrate it is an unbreakable proof for us that Poland is a special nation. We are accused of a lot, a lot is said about the differences that are, after all in every country, but such great values as belief in the common good, a memory of heroes, or the fight for freedom are overriding all divisions. We believe that everyone who has heard about Poland and visited it will be able to feel the atmosphere of kindness and unity. Independence March is an anthem about the freedom that we want it to sound on in the whole world.

Script and Directed: Maja-Anna Fila NaBogato- The production house of the strategy and communication of Polish brands

Production: Independence March Association

Steadicam Operator: Damian Żurawski

Lector: Philip Lenkowsky

Camera Operator and photos of the drone: Adam Symonowicz

Post-production: Szymon Masłowski

Photography: Maja Fila, Szymon Masłowski, Tomasz Kalinowski

Starring: participants of the Independence March 2019, Robert Bąkiewicz, Jerzy Grunwald, Stefan Tompson, Tomasz Kalinowski, Bawer Aondo- Akaa, Maja- Anna Fila and others.

Local Production in Warsaw, Poland.